More Leftist Quickies

Angel Adames
2 min readJul 15, 2020

Because we don’t all have the time to read a five hundred page treatise on anything, here’s some quickies:

1- Life sucks for women. Life sucks for men. Life sucks for all those genders in between and beyond. Basically life sucks for everyone; just in different ways. We can either help each other out, or be out for ourselves. Leftism is all about helping each other out.

2- Fuck worrying if your boss likes you, make sure they do RIGHT by you! If you put in your hours and the work, then you’re owed your salary, dignity, and respect. If your boss short changes you on ANY of these, RAISE HELL!

3- Actually, know what? Fuck bosses!

4- Honestly women are always gonna try some way to terminate unwanted pregnancies, and often these methods are gonna get them killed or mutilated. Keeping abortions legal is the best way to ensure women don’t die trying to end the pregnancy they don’t want or can’t afford to have.

5- Wanna know how to prevent unwanted pregnancies? Sexual education. A thorough sexual education that isn’t afraid to talk to students in a respectful and truthful manner. None of that ‘abstinence only’ bullshit, cuz teens are always gonna fuck.

6- Speaking of education: keep it public. Private education is not just pure dog shit, but it’s rarely ever better than public education. Also, generally speaking, you WANT your general population to be well educated and skilled.

7- “But what about the menial jobs that don’t require skill?” Gee, I dunno, maybe make those jobs more attractive to kids? Stop telling kids that these jobs are undesirable? Maybe don’t downsize’em just to save a buck by moving your factory to Bangladesh so you can pay some kid five cents an hour to make T-shirts?

8- Lighter note, now: parks and libraries are awesome. Public spaces are awesome. Let’s keep’em.



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