Because NOBODY has time to watch a five hour Youtube video on why racism is bad, here are some Leftist Quickies for you.

1- Anti-Racism is an action, not an idea. And no, it ain’t about you getting naked in front of cops painting BLM on your titties; it’s about confronting prejudices in real life and working to change them.

1a- Ya don’t have to angrily confront Trump supporters to be an anti-racist; meditating on your own personal biases and constantly learning about the history of racial minorities is equally important. Education brings liberation!

2- Transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, etc are not opinions. An opinion is something like thinking cheese pizza is better than pepperoni, or that July is better than November. Thinking that a group of people don’t deserve to be treated with basic decency because of something beyond their control isn’t an opinion, it’s a prejudice that needs to be stomped out.

3- This one is for the kids: you’re not morally lacking if you still like Harry Potter, even after Rowling outed herself as a transphobe piece of shit. That book series is/was a childhood staple which got an entire generation of kids back into books. It’s OK to still love Harry Potter.

3a- But for the love of God, READ ANOTHER BOOK! Don’t let Harry Potter be your ONLY literary source! Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Discworld…basically anything besides Sword of Truth. That ain’t got anything to do with Leftism; it’s just a good idea to be well read.

4- You wanna know what happens when you tell someone to “google it?” They’ll google it and find a resource from fascists. Tell someone to google black mass incarceration rates, and they’ll find a PragerU graphic on how black people “commit fifty percent of the crime in spite of being fourteen percent the population.” Boom, the KKK now has a new recruit in the works. Remember: if socialists won’t educate the masses, the fascists will.

4a- Speaking of, you gotta learn how to spot a trash debate and an argument in bad faith. When someone makes assumptions, make strawman arguments, call you a liar for pointing out the strawman, etc. Basically, they’re not making arguments, they’re trying to tear YOU down, personally. It’s OK to walk away from these people; they’re beyond teaching.

Writes about Star Wars, teaching, Leftism, Disney, and Gaming.

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