This morning as I woke up and prepared for work, I read some surprising news: Gina Carano had been fired from her role as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian due to “abhorrent posts on social media.” Having read the posts that got her that pink slip, I am now ready to share some thoughts regarding this occurrence.

First, let me get this out of the way: Disney firing Carano had NOTHING to do with whatever politics they follow, and EVERYTHING to do with protecting their company image. They don’t care about Gina Carano comparing being a conservative to being Jewish…

As an anti-racist who adores Star Wars, writing this brings me nothing but pain and misery. But BECAUSE I’m an anti-racist AND a Star Wars fan, it is my sworn duty to expose the bullshit that Disney tried to peddle as “progressiveness.” This is in ascending order, and it is by no means a COMPLETE list of the racial mistakes Disney has made with this franchise. Onward…

10. Reducing Rose Tico’s role to a cameo in Episode 9

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This simple screenshot constitutes about 5% of Rose’s ENTIRE screen time in Rise of Skywalker

When Rose Tico debuted in Episode 8, opinions were not the most positive, to be certain. A lot of fans didn’t take…

Fox Kids was one of the BEST, most celebrated kid’s programming blocks of the 90’s. It’s also honestly one of my all-time favorite programming blocks from when I was a kid, and I was really sad to see it end in 2002. After taking a trip down memory lane, I’ve compiled a list of the ten BEST shows to ever grace the block.

Remember: This list is 100% OPINION!

10- Bobby’s World

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Little boy, BIG imagination!

Maybe not the funniest cartoon ever, but definitely one that’ll have you entertained from beginning to end. This long runner of a show chugged on with limited publicity…

I wanna end the year on a positive note, and what better way for me than to find some positivity in the single most disappointing trilogy I’ve ever watched: The Star Wars Sequels! These are the top ten BEST things to emerge from the Star Wars Sequels! And no, don’t worry, this isn’t disguised toxicity!

10- Porgs

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Unironically Cute Critters

An admirable case of serendipity; when the puffins of Skellig Michael couldn’t be moved, Rian Johnson and his crew decided to simply digitally alter them into these ridiculously cute critters. The end result? Quite possibly the most popular animals ever to come from…

I grew up on Nickelodeon. I’d say Nickelodeon accounted for at least 45% of ALL the TV I watched as a kid and teenager. Nick has given us TONS of good shows…and also some real stinkers. These are the Ten WORST shows to ever disgrace the First Kid’s Network.

10. Noah Knows Best

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No he doesn’t, that’s why he was canceled after only eight episodes!

This is one of Nickelodeon’s more forgettable shows, and I dare say it was promptly forgotten barely a few weeks after cancellation! The main problem was that the humor was too dry; the sole joke I can recall is a teen trying to sell a CD to…

Wow…what a year. I don’t mean that as a positive, of course; the year 2020 will forever live in infamy. But it pays to look back at the year and remember the good parts. As far as gaming goes, there was both a LOT to love, a LOT to criticize, and a LOT to induce cringe. Here’s but a few examples of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of 2020…

The Good:

1- At the start of the year, Nintendo had charmed us all with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, giving us gamers some early relief from the COVID pandemic…

You read the title, you know what this is. Keep in mind this is an OPINION piece, so if you don’t share my opinion, don’t come after me with pitchforks. Let’s get on with the list…

10. Steven Universe

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A pretty darn good myth arc, memorable and lovable characters, fantastic animation, incredible songs… Steven Universe is a show that demonstrates that you can do a LOT with just eleven minutes per episode. It was a potpourri of EVERYTHING that made 2010’s cartoons so good and memorable (for the most part), and in my opinion, it was a show that DESERVED…

The Disney Princesses; we know them, many little girls and grown women love them, and even some men love them too! True, some guys love them for less than pure reasons, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, these movies are a cornerstone to many a childhood, and one of Disney’s most lucrative and iconic franchises. Today, I rank these movies from WORST to BEST.

WORST- Pocahontas

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Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Pocahontas is what you get when you’re just progressive enough to want to depict Native Americans as more human than just the gun toting “savages” of 1950’s Western films, but not…

Disney Channel is a cornerstone for American and international childhoods, with good reason: many of their shows are GREAT. Sadly this channel has produced some real stinkers, too.These are the ten WORST Disney Channel shows…

10- I Didn’t Do It.

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Every now and then there comes a show where you just can’t really explain the concept without going “I promise you, it’s better than it sounds.” With I Didn’t Do It, Disney experimented with the Rashomon style of storytelling, by having each episode deal with a wacky event and then having each main character recollect how it came to be…

Because NOBODY has time to watch a five hour Youtube video on why racism is bad, here are some Leftist Quickies for you.

1- Anti-Racism is an action, not an idea. And no, it ain’t about you getting naked in front of cops painting BLM on your titties; it’s about confronting prejudices in real life and working to change them.

1a- Ya don’t have to angrily confront Trump supporters to be an anti-racist; meditating on your own personal biases and constantly learning about the history of racial minorities is equally important. Education brings liberation!

2- Transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, etc…

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